Mike is currently employed as a Front End Developer
for the WGBH Digital Services department.

Mike is responsible for designing and developing websites and other browser based experiences.

If you do contact Mike he promises not to speak in the third person.

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Mike likes to take on freelance projects as his schedule and sanity allows.

Mike is of the opinion that the Internet is a tool that should be available to all.

If you think you'd like to contact Mike, you totally should.

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Mike is also a father to small humans, a musician, and a gourmet cook.

Mike hates cilantro and believes that nothing tastes better than food cooked over an open flame. He has been questing for the perfect cup of ice coffee for over a decade.

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About this site

Mike built this site using Drupal 7, a custom Drupal theme, some PHP and jQuery, and SASS.

Icons are from Iconmonstr.